Boss Timid Swimmer

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Boss Timid Swimmer is the thirteenth level of Mini Ninjas.


Hiro's hat/boat sails down the makeshift river into the main castle where he suddenly bumps into the stilts of Boss Timid Swimmer! Enraged at the sight of Hiro; Timid Swimmer swings his large fishing spear at Hiro knocking him all the way across the room.

In order to defeat Timid Swimmer; Hiro must row towards the staircase in the left corner of the room. Timid Swimmer will constantly throw shurikens at him and when he gets close enough, he'll strike will his spear. Ounce up on the platforms; head towards the tallest red pillar in the room. Timid Swimmer will then chop it in half. Jump onto the pillar and this will start a quick-action moment. Hiro will constantly dodge all of Timid Swimmer's attacks and then finish him off by striking at his stilts.

Afterwards you'll be back in the water. Just simply row back to the stairs and head to the second tallest pillar in the room and continue this until you've defeated Timid Swimmer. On the third time; Hiro will jump up and kick Timid Swimmer in the chest; knocking him off balance and sending him backwards into the water below. An explosion is then seen underwater.

The scene then shifts to the Samurai Warlord's palace where Captain orders the two Samurai Swordsmen carrying Timid Swimmer's stilts to go in alone. Upon seeing them, the Samurai Warlord asks where is the Captain. The Captain reveals himself outside the room and the Samurai Warlord asks if he would like "grace us with his presence". The Captain then cowardly replies no. The Samurai Warlord then snaps his fingers and turns the Captain into a monkey.

The Samurai Warlord states ounce again that the ninja are not invincible and that a new enemy will defeat him like "snow flake on a hot summer's day".


  • When Hiro whacks the boss' stilts, they gat considerably shorter.
  • A strong current prevents Hiro from leaving the room.