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Boss Windy Pants is the ninth level of Mini Ninjas. This is the second boss level.


The level opens up with Hiro sneaking up the stairs and you can hear some very loud farting. As Hiro gets closer, he smells something very foul in the air. Hiro then opens the door and finds the source of the farting: Windy Pants. Windy Pants then turns around and bends over and releases a powerful blast of gas.

Windy Pants will release a gas bubble and use his fan to control it and send it at you. The player must quickly stay ahead of the gas and run towards Windy Pants. Hiro will duck under the boss causing him to inhale his own toxin. Hiro will then begin beating his large rump before jumping on his head and then stepping on his face. After jumping off him; Windy Pants will give a small chuckle after each time you lower his health. Be warned; Windy Pants will step his game by farting in a complete 94 degree angle but can be simply avoided by jumping over it. After the second time you lower his health; Windy Pants will build up a large fart which launches right off ground creating a shockwave. Ounce again you can simply avoid it by jumping over it.

After three times of stepping on his face; Windy Pants will start to grumble, moan and fart loudly and uncontrollable. Hiro rushes out of the room just as Windy Pants explode in a large fart. The scene then shifts to the Samurai Warlord's palace where the Samurai Warlord expects good news but the Captain states things "got a bit too smelly". The Samurai Warlord then gets angry causing the Captain to blame his soldiers. The Samurai Warlord then snaps his fingers and turns the Captain into a boar. The Samurai Warlord then states that another opponent will awaiting Hiro and he'll be "flushed away".


  • Attacking Windy Pants before he is about to attack causes the attack to be canceled.
  • In one of the scenes in the end game credits, a Hatted Samurai is also part of the battle, even though Hatted Samurai are not introduced until the Water Castle.