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Mini Ninjas

Ghosts are a rare enemy in Mini Ninjas. They are soulthristy undead creatures and are the only enemies in the game that are not Samurai. They are first found in abundance in the Lost Soul's Graveyard in Haunted Forest, and again in the Forgotten Caves in Winter Range.


The Ghosts have a transparent sheet over them, and underneath is a skeleton with a heart nestled inside the chest. Because they have no physical body that ties them to the mortal world, they take to floating around in the places they haunt, and are constantly surrounded by a type of ethereal light that the Ghosts project. The only noise they make is a soft but eerie hissing sound, sometimes mixed in with malevolent laughter as they look for victims to drain from.  When they spot Hiro, they will fly towards him with their mouth gaping open slightly. They are similar to the Dementors from Harry Potter in the way they drain energy and life force from a victim and look quite ghostly in appearance.

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A ghost drains Hiro's health.

Abilites and WeaknessesEdit

The Ghosts are invulverable to all physical weapons and suck Ki energy from their victims, eventually draining their health and killing them; however, in the case of the Samurai, they are turned back into animals.

Ghosts are only vulnerable to one thing: the Sun Rays spell. As a result, they live in dark areas. Defeating them with the Sun Rays spell cause them to fade away into oblivion, leaving behind a large amount of Ki energy.


  • Ghosts are also known as malicious spirits.
  • In a cutscene, the ghosts defeat an evil samurai squad in less than 3 seconds. It is unknown why they cannot do the same to Hiro.
  • Since the Ghosts possess a larger number in Haunted Forest, it can be theorized that many people were either war victims whose souls stayed behind out of rage and grief towards their deaths, and that many more died trying to travel through. This is further emphasized by the number of graves strewn about in the Lost Soul's Graveyard.