Hatted Samurai
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Weapon of Choice

2x Tantos



First Appearance

Mini Ninjas

Hatted Samurai are a variation of Samurai that appear in Mini Ninjas. Hatted Samurai have unique abilities including teleportation, super speed and a special attack. They are first seen in the Water Castle.


Unlike most Samurai, Hatted Samurai have a black color scheme with the exception of a cone-shaped dark-red hat and a red back-pack. They do not have shoulder pads. They wield two tantos and have glowing yellow eyes. They have hunched back problems and their heads are mad round.


Hatted Samurai are dangerous opponents. They have the ability to teleport, have good defense, and have an attack move where they attack in a manner similar to Hiro's Power Attack, with the exception that time does not slow down. and it only hits once. They also cannot be locked on by Hiro's Power Attack.

How To Beat Edit

  • Shun is the best character to defeat these annoying foes. Just keep peppering them with rapid fired arrows. (Not as effective when there's more than one).
  • Suzume's Power Attack can immobilize the samurai long enough to begin an attack.
  • Use the Slow Time spell, which will give you time to attack them and avoid their attacks.
  • If there is a Bear in the area, use it to maul the Samurai.
  • Continuously stun them until they are defeated.
  • Kuji Magic.
  • Attack them from behind.


  • Hatted Samurai can hide in pots, and vanish completely.
  • Once defeated, they turn back into monkeys/apes.