Haunted Forest

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Lost Soul's Graveyard

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Haunted Forest is the seventh level of Mini Ninjas. This level marks the first appearance of Ghosts, and is the location of the Sunrays spell.


The level opens with Hiro in a dark forest. Hiro must then travel across the forest to the village that sent the distress signals. After Hiro makes across the forest, he finds the Samurai are attacking the village. After Hiro defeats the samurai, he heads down the road at the back of the village into the forest that leads the "Lost Souls Graveyard." As Hiro moves down the road, a large group of samurai is seen moving down the road into the graveyard. As the samurai move behind the ruined building, their screams can be heard, and animals run in fear away from the graveyard through the building. Hiro still moves on through the graveyard. As Hiro moves down the path, he discovers the graveyard is haunted by ghosts that absorb ki and later life source killing their victims. Hiro must escape the ghost and find the sunrays spell, a spell that creates a beam of sunlight down upon enemies (mainly ghosts). After Hiro finds the spell, the gate up on the hill is opened thus allowing Hiro to leave. After making his way through the graveyard, the level ends at the foot of the Night Castle.