Jizo Statues are collectible items in Mini Ninjas. A total of 100 Jizo statues are placed throughout the game in various locations.


Jizo Statues are small gray statues with a red bandana. They are human in shape.

Complete List of Juzo Statues

Ninja Mountain (6 Jizo Statues)

Jizo statue (1/6): In a canyon past your house. Go forward and all the way to the left and you'll see the small canyon. The statue is on the ground along the right wall. Jizo statue (2/6): When you get to the dojo, jump in the water and go in a clockwise pattern. You'll see a rock in the water and a small isolated section of land. The Jizo statue is on it. Jizo statue (3/6): Just before having to use the wall jump the first time, there is a Jizo statue behind a rock on your left. Jizo statue (4/6): Once you get the detect kuji shrine spell, look to your left and you will see a path that wraps around the inside of 2 rock formations. Follow it till you see a ledge, the statue is on the ground before the ledge. Jizo statue (5/6): As soon as you get to the rope bridge you must balance across, instead of going across drop down beneath it and the statue will be right under you near a thick patch of grass and the ledge wall. Jizo statue (6/6): Once you leave Ninja Village and you head towards the mountain, you'll see a long wooden bridge. Once you reach the end, drop down near the water below. On your left there will be a small alcove past a bird walking around. The statue is in there.

Leaving Home (8 Jizo Statues)

Jizo statue (1/8): Once you enter the village there will be a small hut on your left by the Tengu. Inside the hut is the statue. Jizo statue (2/8): On the long path after the village, on the left side of the path about halfway up to the area with the brown bear, there will be a Jizo statue tucked in the grass. Just stick to the left side of the path and you should see it. If not, use your spirit form to take over an animal and look for the blue smoke coming from it. I myself missed this and has to backtrack for it. Jizo statue (3/8): Once you free and take control of the bear, head North from the bear cage to a small cave. After entering the cave, look left to see the Jizo statue. Jizo statue (4/8): This one can easily be missed. After you get the Fireball spell, jump up on the ledge above the shrine. You'll see a waterfall to your left and just to the right of that is the Jizo statue. It is a pain to see if you don't know it's there. Jizo statue (5/8): This one is a bit hidden and can be eaily missed. Go up the path to the forest temple and when you reach the Kengu at the hut, go left behind the house. In the brush and very hidden is the statue. If you can't see it, look near the big breakable pot. Jizo statue (6/8): After you leave the forest temple, go down the steps and head right to the rapid water. Steer your hat-boat down avoiding the rocks and after a brief ride, you'll come to an open area. You'll see 2 breakable pots, a checkpoint marker, and in the back is the 2nd spell (Tornado) for this area. To the right of the spell, next to the anemone flower, is the Jizo statue. Jizo statue (7/8): From the previous statue, continue down the rapid water until you reach the large lake. Look for the first bit of land on the left. Use the wall jump area to reach the next ledge up. Pick up the stone cap and look to your right and you will see the Jizo statue on the ground behind some small trees. Jizo statue (8/8): From there jump back in the water and head right. You will see a small piece of land with a frog on it. Jizo statue 8 and a ginseng root await you there.

Earth Castle (8 Jizo Statues)

Jizo statue (1/8): After the level starts, go left into the giant open area and at one point you should see a big boulder with a lot of broken trees forming 2 small circles in front of it. The Jizo statue is in the first ring. Jizo statue (2/8): On the main path to the castle, you will come to a sunken area of the path. Just before you reach the elevated part of the path again, you'll see the statue on the right side of the path across from the lantern and beside 2 large rocks. Jizo statue (3/8): When you enter the castle, go right and you'll see it across from the caged fox. Jizo statue (4/8): Once you beat the big samurai and enter the next area, use the checkpoint and go down the long hall on the left. Pass the steps to your left and the Jizo statue will be shortly ahead of you on the ground on the left. Jizo statue (5/8): Across from the house with the 2 caged animals is a small house on your left. On the front side there is a small nook and here is where you will find the Jizo statue. Jizo statue (6/8): From the previous caged animals, look right. You should see the Jizo statue tucked in a corner in plain sight. Jizo statue (7/8): To the left of the stairs leading to the big door in the first archery range area. Jizo statue (8/8): Upon entering the second archery range area, head all the way to the right. The last Jizo statue for this level is to the left of the last house on the right.

Great River Canyon (6 Jizo Statues)

Jizo statue (1/6): On the main path, once you see the waterfall at the start and head left around the bend, the statue is in front of a bush on the left side of the path. Jizo statue (2/6): After crossing the bridge you'll see 2 paths. Take the right path behind the waterfalls. Once you get a good way up and behind the waterfall, you'll see this Jizo statue right in front of you. This path also leads to the lightning storm spell. Jizo statue (3/6): After getting the lightning spell, head back towards where you find the anemone flower for the kuji shrine. Across the rocks at the top of the waterfalls, or right from where you climbed up the path to the shrine. On the 2nd rock ledge looking out over the waterfall, the statue is sitting right on it near the front. Use the lone rock from the right side of the cliff to jump to it. Jizo statue (4/6): After you get to the samurai base camp, go to the very back where the tents are. After you destroy the back right most tent, the Jizo statue appears behind it. Jizo statue (5/6): Shortly after the base camp, you must go across a large body of water. Just ahead on your left is a grove of trees you can shake. Near the middle of the trees is Jizo statue number 5. Jizo statue (6/6): After getting the 2nd spell in the level, Camouflage, go right towards the lotus blossom tree. The last Jizo statue is on a rock to the left of the tree.

A Distress Signal (3 Jizo Statues)

Jizo statue (1/3): After the cutscene with Shun, go up the left path. Go behind the house and the Jizo statue will be next to a breakable pot. Jizo statue (2/3): Once you get Shun, and just before you go in the big door and into the large lake area, jump off the path to the left and you'll land in a small river. Just ahead of where you land, you'll find the Jizo statue on a rock. Jizo statue (3/3): When you get to the giant lake area with the distress signals in the water, go right and look for a wrapping ledge. Walk up it and the Jizo statue will be in the middle of that ledge.

Haunted Forest (5 Jizo Statues)

Jizo statue (1/5): Once you enter the area, walk to your right to the open area with all of the trees. Behind the 4th tree is the first Jizo statue. Jizo statue (2/5): From where the Tengu is, head North and you'll see 2 paths. 1 going up a hill and the other going straight. Go straight and the Jizo statue will be beside a tree to your left a short ways ahead on the path. Jizo statue (3/5): When you come to the first burning tree, you'll see a checkpoint to the right of it. Behind the checkpoint is an open path up a slight hill. Go this way and follow it until the end. Once at the ledge, drop down and the Jizo statue is to the left of the area beneath the ledge. Jizo statue (4/5): Once you start up the Lost Soul's Path, "the creepy left path," on the right you'll see 3 large rocks. Behind them awaits the Jizo statue. Jizo statue (5/5): Once you enter the graveyard, and the ghosts start to appear, take the right set of stairs and go to the back to the gazebo. Behind the gazebo is where you will find the final Jizo statue for this level.