Leaving Home

No. of Jizo Statues



The Village of the Brown Bear, Jadestone Forest, Mushroom Lake

Kuji Scrolls

Fireball, Tornado

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Ninja Mountain (level)

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Earth Castle (level)

Leaving Home is the second level of Mini Ninjas. Suzume is found in this level.


The ninjas arrive at the nearby village and finds it under attack by Samurai forces across the river. Fortunately, the samurai burned down the bridge before they could get across. A Tengu leads the villagers to safety while the player gets across the river and defeats the Samurai attackers. After this is done, the Tengu arrives and explains that the Samurai were created from forest creatures as a result of Kuji magic. He informs the player that this is urgent manner and that the ninja must hurry down the path.


  • This is the first level to feature Samurai Captains.
  • This is the location of the Fireball spell and the Tornado spell.