Lumbering Fool
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Weapon of Choice



Samurai, Earth Castle

First Appearance

Mini Ninjas

Lumbering Fool was the first boss of the game and leader of the Earth Castle.


After Hiro successfully infiltrates the main tower of the Earth Castle, Lumbering Fool is waiting for him at the top of the castle. Engaging battle, the giant Samurai pulls out a large sword and uses his strength to shake the ground.

Hiro has to trick him into slashing his sword at a pillar, where it gets stuck. Hiro then has to run up his sword to his arm and get on to back, then going to this helmet and next his legs, which he slashes. As Lumbering Fool jerks the sword out to pull up his pants, the sudden shift shift in weight causes the floor to collapse underneath him and he would fall into a larger room with Hiro. After doing this three times, the Samurai remains on the ground in a fetal position and begins to shake while giving off dark energy. Hiro runs out of the castle before Lumbering Fool explodes behind him, taking the tower with him and leaving behind only his helmet. The storm above the castle dissolves, and his destruction is reported to the Samurai Warlord


Lumbering Fool appeared similar to a Samurai Captain, with the exception of a dark gray and red color scheme and gigantic size, his helmet alone being able to hold at least two Samurai Swordsmen, although he has much shorter legs in comparison to his body. He carries a large sword that was at least ten feet long. Because of his body proportions, he walked with a slouch.


Lumbering Fool relied solely on his brute strength to fight Hiro, using his strength to shake the ground. However, as his name suggests, he was not very intelligent. While slashing his sword, he was defeated because he continually lodged his sword into pillars, giving Hiro time to climb up his arm and distract him long enough to pull down his belt and make him fall through the floor.