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Night Castle

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Night Castle is the eighth level of Mini Ninjas. This is the second castle level.


The level opens with Hiro just exiting the forest on the other side of the Lost Souls' Graveyard. Up ahead on top of a small hill is the Night Castle. While the direct route is an option; inexperienced players or those on Hard difficulty should know that massive amount of Samurai guard the area including three sets of Samurai Spearmen.

The best (and easiest) way into the castle would be to head down the secret tunnel inside the tree trunk to the left which can be found out by reading the note nearby. Ounce down the tree trunk, you'll enter a cave, travel down the small river until you reach the end of it. You'll then climb up through a well into some ruined part of the castle. The "haunted" tune will start play indicating Ghosts in the area; so have your Sunshine Spell ready to use.

Climb up over the wall and you'll find yourself just beyond the gate. Take the path to your left (you may go up the path to your right but it is a dead end making it a waste of time). Eventually you will come to a locked gate but no threat as you may just climb up onto one of the two smaller buildings nearby and simply jump onto the wall and jump over. Ounce pass the gate; continue on and come across a large bridge over a large divide. Using the lantern lines; walk along it until your at the bridge, then head to the opposite end until you can jump down onto the bridge floor. Heading across and you'll enter the Night Castle's main tower.