Ninja Mountain
Mini ninjas ss1

No. of Jizo Statues



Ninja Mountain, Ninja Village

Kuji scrolls

Detect Kuji Shrine, Spirit Form

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Leaving Home

Ninja Mountain is the first level of Mini Ninjas.


When the Ninja Master banished the Samurai Warlord the first time, an era of peace and tranquility descended upon the empire for over 300 years. The dark Samurai castle were abandoned and fell into disrepair, and the people across the countryside lived a life free of fear. Over time, the powerful secret of Kuji magic was hidden in ancient shrines. With nothing to worry about, the villagers and townspeople went back to their daily lives. Then one day, something changed.

Terrible storms started brewing in the distant horizons. Floods and earthquakes began appearing in the flatlands. Looking down from the Ninja Mountain, the Ninja Master could sense that something was terribly wrong. Animals were seen fleeing for their lives, and some spoke of mysterious creatures hunting and caging animals for unknown purposes. Concerned about these developments, the Ninja Master sent out his best ninja to investigate. Many suns and moons passed, but no word from this ninja returned. Concerned, the Ninja Master sent out another, but again, nothing. Again and again, he sent his ninjas forth, but again and again, nothing. Soon he was left with his last two ninjas, and these were the last two ninjas he would have ever selected to go forth on such a dangerous quest. But it appeared that the fate of world might rest on these last two...


Hiro is informed by the Ninja Master that the headman of the nearby village has seen samurai troops in the Jadestone Forest hunting animals and taking them deeper into the forest. The only thing lying in that direction is the Earth Castle, which was supposed to be abandoned. As a result, Hiro is to finish his training and head to the castle to find answers. Before heading to the dojo, Hiro is given a special hat by the Ninja Master, which allows defense aganist archers.