Potions are a special type of item in Mini Ninjas that allow the player to recharge health, refuel Ki energy, etc. Potions are either found or brewed by the player.

List of PotionsEdit

  • Healing Potions: Are a potion used to restore up to three hearts. It can be made using Blue Petal and Oyster Mushroom.
  • Flask of Strong Ginseng: Fully restore the ki bar. It can be made using ginseng root and blue petal.
  • Samurai Healing Brew: sacrifices some ki for 1 heart. Common in Samurai fortresses
  • Flask of Arrow Shield: Deflects all arrows (but not the explosions from explosive arrows), evil monks' dark energy orbs and the evil samurai warlord's dark energy orbs. Can be made using Tiger Lily and Stone Cap.
  • Flask of Unstable Energy: Restores unstable energy up to three special attacks.
  • Flask of Strange Brew: Slows down the usage off ki energy for some time.
  • Burning Oil Potion: Makes attacks unblockable for some time.
  • Essence of Fish Potion: Transforms user into a koi fish and makes him/her hidden until transformed back. It is made using Horse Tails and Sacred Lotus.
  • Burping Potion: releases gas that follows the user for a short time