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Snow Castle

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Snow Castle is the fifteenth level of Mini Ninjas.


Hiro appears from the end of Winter Range. A sign nearby says "Danger, Steep Cliffs." Hiro progresses down the road  and sees a letter posted by a shuriken on the wall, saying one of the ninjas is retreating from the castle and trying to get into the Forgotten Caves. Hiro continues down the frozen road and finds several samurai huddling for warmth near a campfire. After defeating them (or, for those players who have hearts, leaving them alive), Hiro goes on to battle squadrons of samurai until he arrives at the Snow Castle Bridge.


The Snow Castle Bridge.

The bridge is flanked by two towers, each manned by a rocket-shooting archer. Hiro can defeat them easily with Shun and a flask of arrow shield, and take out the spearmen on the bridge with Suzume. Hiro continues on to the outside of the Snow Castle. Even if the spearmen guarding the door are killed, there is no access to the castle that way. Instead, Hiro can take a side path to the right and enter the castle by climbing a rocky cliff or head round to the left and after climbing up a rocky area, enter through a water vent.

Inside of the castle, Hiro immidiately encounters dozens of samurai archers, captains, and spearmen. Hiro can skip past them all and make it to the next area. A ninja has written, "Sneaking into the castle was a mistake. There are too many of them for me to handle. I will sneak out again and continue home."

Hiro enters the next room and is forced to battle two clubmen and an army of samurai. When they are all defeated, Hiro encounters another locked door, and must shortcut through an indoor area full of rice paper walls. Hiro may choose to battle all of the samurai in the area or sneak past them all on the tops of the rice paper. Either way, he is forced to fight two hatted samurai that appear from pots on either side of him.

Outside of the room, a sign posted on a building says "There is a new type of samurai here. He seems to be able to open a portal directly to the evil warlord's castle for reinforcements."

Indeed, a Summoner monk is present in a nearby area. After defeating several archers, Hiro makes his way to it and defeats it. After that, he opens a nearby door and makes his way to a huge courtyard where a samurai clubman, a monk, and several archers are waiting for him. When they are all defeated, Hiro enters the Snow Castle main building and completes the level.


  • Although a ninja writes that the Summoner monk is a new type of samurai, it has actually appeared in several previous levels, including Grassy Hills and Winter Range.