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First Appearance

Ninja Mountain

Villagers are NPC's who appear in Mini Ninjas. As with most worlds, there are other humans than simply the named characters, but they rarely appear because as a result of the Samurai invasion. When they are seen, they are running away with their villages under attack. It is unknown what happened to the Villagers that were unseen, but the ones that were seen were brought to safety by the Tengu. After the Samurai Warlord is defeated, it is likely that they return to their daily lives and repair their homes.

The ninjas cannot talk to the Villagers or interact with them in any way as they are always seen quickly running away from their village.

Throughout the game, their are many isolated villages and burned out houses after Samurai attacks. Some villages may have just been abandoned over time. The Flooded Valley was probably not attacked by Samurai, but just became flooded with water and was abandoned. This could be why there are no Samurai around the flooded parts of the Valley, only towards the end of the level by a castle.

They appear in two locations, The Village of the Brown Bear, and The Village of the Great Carp.


The Villagers are all identical in appearance and wear dark turquoise robes with a Japanese straw hat. Under the hat, their faces are hidden. They wear sandals and dark turquoise socks.