Winter Range

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Ice Storm, Slow Time

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Winter Range is the fourteenth level of Mini Ninjas. This level is the first appearance of Kunoichi.


Hiro appears at the back gates of the Water Castle. He walks through the forest, past a Tengu, and arrives at a small, Samurai-controlled village. Sneaking in, Hiro defeats several samurai before encountering a Summoner monk. After defeating it and a few patrols of samurai heading up from a nearby river, Hiro progresses to a large samurai encampment where they are holding Kunoichi hostage. Hiro defeats the enemies and rescues Kunoichi, and she joins his team. Hiro then progresses to a fork in the road, one side leading to a Tengu temple, and the other leading to a long, snow-covered bridge. Hiro crosses the bridge, encountering on the way an arsenal of samurai and a large one.

When Hiro makes it across the bridge, he enters Happy Monkey Hot Springs. All seems peaceful, but a nearby monk begins transforming the monkeys into Hatted Samurai. Hiro defeats the monk and the samurai and continues to a mountain pass guarded by two samurai clubmen and a few spearmen. When they are defeated, a road opens up "to the Forgotten Caves." When Hiro makes it to the end he enters the Forgotten Caves, which he discovers is haunted by five ghosts. When they are all defeated, Hiro exits the cave onto a large cliffside near the Snow Castle.


  • This is the location of the Ice Storm and Slow Time spells.